Friday, September 24, 2010

Facebook Applications Development

Facebook Applications - The Best Social Media Marketing Tool

Facebook applications possess great capability of furnishing your promotional and marketing strategy to your business entitle, which allows more and more interaction and engagement with the users that turn it to your customer satisfaction.

Facebook applications are not that old one-to-many corporate newsletters or large distribution emails from renowned organizations. They are as substitute many-to-many tools, which sustain to “bestow the power of knowledge and information” in a highly cost-effective manner. Using Facebook apps, help towards enlightening your brand/product/service an online image and magnetize clientele over the world. The more information you provide many the ways you acquire to reach immense people to recognize your online presence. These proficient endorsements give you an element of integrity that you don’t get elsewhere.

Fors Fortis endows you with user-friendly customized and inimitable Facebook applications developed by our experts. Our team of professionals endeavor their skills to perfectly meet your achievements and goal-oriented Facebook applications that fascinates you with:

Distinctive and sensational visualized designs for your Facebook applications.
• Guaranteed listing in Facebook applications directories.
• High-Tech Tracking & well-managed applications.
• Marketing through your application to bulk of customers on the globe.
• Guaranteed objectives for installation of your Facebook apps in shortest time.
• Daily engagement that provides remarkable user growth.
• Modified campaigns for brand impersonation, data congregation, or transactions.

And much more that includes countless recruited features of our social media agency’s directory. If your company does not have a Facebook application under its belt you are surely missing an important social media trait.

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Web Analytic

Web Analytic

Every website has a specific requirement from web analytic. Focus can vary from time-spent, conversion rate, exit pages, etc. Due to our expertise we understand different requirement of each website and offer our suggestion in using the analytic tools which fits the requirement.

We offer weekly reports by converting the raw data (offered by the web analytic) into meaningful numbers which can be used for business owners to refine their online process to generate better result.

It is important for every firm to analyze their marketing efforts. Unlike the offline world where we cannot track the response rate through newspaper, radio, TV commercial, etc. Web analytic provides valuable data which can be used to analyze marketing efforts, take corrective action and understand growth opportunities.

Why choose us to handle your Web Analytic?
We understand that installing and looking at the basic data is easy and requires hardly any effort. But there are specialized analytic tools which serve different purposes. Some tools help in better understanding of keywords, while others help in capturing user movement which in turn helps in landing page optimization.

We strongly believe in the principle of 80/20, which states that 80% of your result is driven by 20% of your efforts. Same applies on the web, where 20% of the traffic will result in 80% of the result. We have worked with several clients to identify their key areas through which revenue generation can be manifolded. Looking at the numbers thrown by analytics can be meaningless if the numbers are not interpreted to create meaningful information which can be used for business purpose, and we make sure that this information is presented to the company in precise and clear manner.

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Mobile Marketing

What is MOBILE Marketing?

Like Print or Interactive Marketing, Mobile is a distinct channel that marketers can use to reach their target audience.

Mobile Marketing is the use of cell phones and other mobile devices to market a brand or message, and it plays a powerful role in an integrated marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is commonly used in order to increase brand awareness, generate customer opt-in databases, and drive attendance to specific events and locations.

SMS Text Messaging Campaigns

Over 90% of text from SMS Messaging Campaigns are read by recipients, generating average response rates of 15-30% or more. Take that, Traditional Media.

Priority Gateway software application
powerful software application which has the capability of sending SMS text to a very large number of recipients. SMS is an extremely cost-effective, high-response-rate vehicle, which can help to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts. Coupled to that is the fact that the mobile phone is the current cultural norm with user density indexes much higher in the in India overall.

SMS messaging campaigns are the most familiar form of mobile marketing. With SMS messaging campaigns (also called "text message campaigns"), a mobile phone user is directed to send a distinct text-message keyword to a pre-defined 5-digit or 6-digit destination number known as a short code. After a user does this, the mobile marketing text message campaign is initiated.

Creative potential of SMS marketing.
Fors Fortis can implement and execute an SMS messaging campaign for your brand with very little effort needed on your part. We constantly strive to create unique SMS text message campaigns and would love to hear some of your ideas. Here are just a few options to consider:

• Text-to-Email campaign
• Subscription text alerts
• Voting/Polling
• Corporate marketing
• Information responses
• Client notification systems

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Email Marketing

In today's generation everyone has atleast one email id. For most people it has become the preferred mode of communication.
There are companies whose effective email strategies generate them thousands of dollars in sales and that too from their established customer. Email Marketing offers easy mechanism to maintain customer relationship and is one of the fastest ways to reach out to your customers.

However, with the ever growing technological advancement and spamming, it is getting harder for companies to maintain their own email marketing. With our expertise in email marketing we provide various solutions specific to your need.

To express in simple terms, email marketing acts as direct mail on the online space. A person's email id acts as an address where promotional messages are sent. Email Marketing is a classic replacement of direct mail, which is cost effective, highly responsive and provides easy communication by using the latest technology. Email marketing is used for the purpose of newsletter, infomercial messages and for CRM (customer relationship management) purposes.

Our Achievements:
We have worked with various companies in creating automatic email marketing solutions which has helped them increase sales and improve customer relationship. We have also worked with clients who wanted to have specific email campaigns which informed about new products or special offers. For most of our email campaigns, open-rate has been around 27% with a click through rate of 26%.

Our Process:
Depending on the need of the client we execute the email marketing strategies. We create programs to ensure automatic solutions, if possible. With our experience and expertise in email marketing we ensure that the emails are delivered in inbox rather than spam. Except the technical details, we work with the client to create effective emails campaigns which will result in higher response rate. We have a process through which A/B technique(different emails are sent to small group of customers and better performing email text is chosen) is carried out, using this data, email is improvised and sent to the rest of the email list. In case of automatic email delivery system we continuously test and tweak the message in order to have the maximum benefit.

Product Website:



The importance for SEO is growing worldwide due to the opportunity it presents today on the world wide web, especially with ever increasing cost of PPC.
Google gets around a 3 Billion (approximate) searches per month, and everybody in business is looking to grab a small pie out of this. SEO or search engine optimization is simply to rank or show your website details on google whenever someone searches for a keyword relevant to your industry. Every search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) has its own algorithm to rank any particular website for a specific keyword. Nobody except the search engine companies know how this system works, but based on various trial and error method, companies like us and many other have found certain key variable which search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) considers to rank your website for a particular keyword.

Our Process:
We have a unique process for SEO, which has produced great results for our clients. This process has been developed after more than 2+ years of continuous testing and analysis across various search engine. The process is customized to meet the demand of each client but the over lying strategy remains the same. Our basic process as far as the client is concerned is as follows:

Keyword Research:
SEO or SEM strategy is the game of keywords. The more analysis one does in this stage, the more it helps in proper planning and keyword targeting. We use data from Google and other search engine to create a large list of keywords which are relevant to the business or customers that our clients want to target. With the help of these tools we are able to generate more than 3000+ keywords for even small businesses, which helps us in creating a strong base for future strategy and execution.

Competition Analysis:
Highly important for those businesses which are beginning to explore the opportunities of online marketing. We use specialized tools to analyze competition website, keyword, traffic, demographic, etc. This helps us in understanding the clients business and the scope available in that specific industry. Using this data several other marketing avenues can be explored, however in the SEO process it helps to capture more keywords which may be relevant to the business of our clients.

Keyword Targeting:
After a large list of keywords have been analyzed, they are scrutinized to match certain criteria before we begin our SEO work. The main factors which we consider are,Keyword Search Numbers and SEO Competition which helps in shortlisting those keywords which can be targeted in short term, as well as in long term. This process is detailed as it involves lots of research in order to avoid any mishap at a later stage. Careful planning and cross checking is done to make sure that maximum result is derived by clients.

Monitoring & Improvement:
We monitor your result on monthly basis and provide our clients with reports which measures the rank improvement, increase in traffic, etc. We work with our client to understand the course of action, if any change is required. We our-self monitor the results to ensure we are on the right track and make appropriate changes so that clients do not need to worry about their SEO. We strongly believe in continuous learning and improvement and provide valuable and noteworthy information which can be used by our clients as well as others.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing is based on a simple concept where ads are shown based on the keywords entered by the surfer into the search engine. This approach offers targeted audience if relevant keywords are considered.
PPC can be VERY profitable method to increase sales and leads and is highly recommended in today's scenario where online marketing offers great opportunity for even small businesses.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing has 2 aspects. One is based on search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) where our ads are displayed (usually on the right side) based on the keyword entered by the user. It also involves ads shown on the network sites or partner sites which use google adsense, an example of this will be ads seen on,,, etc. A business owner pays for clicks received on the ad and not on the impression, which makes this model highly targeted and result oriented.

Our Achievements:
We have managed campaigns whose ad spend ranges from $3,000 per month to $100 per month. Each campaign was designed for a specific purpose and had different goals. We have been able to achieve a highly low CPC (Cost Per Click) for most of our clients along with high CTR (Click Through Rate) of almost 7.28%. Managing PPC campaigns involves complexity in terms of Quality Score, Ad relevance, Keyword research, Legal Restriction, Tracking, etc.

Keyword Research + Competition Analysis:
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is completely based on keywords, hence the first priority is based on this step. A thorough understand of all the possible keywords a user may enter will help in driving the maximum traffic and most of it at a low cost. For this purpose special tools are used to uproot these keywords from various search engine data, including Google External Tool (which is free). Apart from that we also try to find those keywords which are being used by the competition, this helps in a major way as it may also lead to further keyword research.

Keyword Targeting:
Once the keywords research process is completed the list of keywords is sorted out based on relevancy, keyword search traffic and cost factor (clients budget). The more relevant a keyword, along with higher searches is given more importance, which are then grouped together with related keywords. Selecting the right keyword can save a lot of time and money in the long term hence this step requires proper care.

Landing Page Optimization:
Landing page is the page where the user will land after clicking on the ad. Depending on the type of industry and the current design of the clients this step may or may not be considered, although it is important. If we feel that there are chances of poor conversion based on the design of the landing page, we work with the client with the help of our specialized designer to create optimum landing page which offers a better chance of conversion. If slight modifications are required, then those are communicated to the client. Page content is also considered to make it relevant to what users are searching for, this again ensures low cost and better conversion.

Monitoring + Modification:
Once the campaign is running we continuously monitor the account to ensure that we are paying the least cost, our ads are relevant to what users are searching for, there is no drop in quality score, etc. This ensures maximum productivity from your ad at all time. Apart from that we look for opportunities through which we can explore other networks, target specific sites for our advertisement (these are mainly infomercial sites). Keywords which are under-performing are removed and negative keywords are added to ensure that only relevant exposure is maintained.

Weekly reports are sent to the clients which measures the result of the campaign being run on various search engine, including the result for campaign which are targeting certain specific sites. The report is detailed enough to explain the whole PPC campaign within few pages and offers information which can be useful to other areas of Online Marketing. We make sure the clients are getting the desired result and make changes accordingly.

Social Media Optimization - SMO

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization or SMO involves using the Web 2.0 sites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc in a manner, through which their system is used for the purpose of driving traffic to your website.
Web 2.0 sites (YouTube, digg, twitter, facebook, etc) offers high interactivity and relevancy to the online users. The strategies and the use of sites varies based on country, client requirement, target audience, etc. SMO strategies involve mixing with the crowd on the Web 2.0 space. This strategy cannot be adopted by all companies and definitely requires high customized approach as not every Web 2.0 site offers targeted audience. That’s why you need a partner who understands and can work in this dynamic and complex marketplace.

Some facts about social networking sites:
• MySpace had more traffic in 2007 than Google
• Already, FaceBook and Twitter has reached Google traffic levels
• YouTube gets twice as much traffic as Google
• These sites are DOUBLING every 6 months ; FaceBook adds 1 million visitors each week

Contact us so we can help you start a viral campaign on the social networking sites.